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The Magnetic Flux

DE-BUG is NOT a fuel filter BUT a static fuel treatment unit. It is a magnetic device designed to treat, eliminate and prevent growth of diesel bugs (Hormonicus Resinae) present in diesel fuel tanks and diesel engine.

The De Bug is a static diesel fuel treatment unit. Inside the De Bug are strategically and properly sized and placed permanent ceramic magnets which the fuel passes before it reaches the lift pump. The fuel passing through the De Bug is subjected to magnetic fields or “magnetic flux” of carefully calculated intensity and orientation for a controlled time span which results in the destruction of all microbes present in the fuel. The jelly-like microbes are exploded and destroyed by the magnetic flux into sub-micron size debris now easily pass through the fuel filter (the fuel filter is no longer clogged with diesel bugs). The sub micron debris is then burned with the fuel in the engine combustion chamber, and leaves no built up in the tanks.

The De Bug destroys 97.5% of the micro organisms within a single pass.

When engines demand heavy-duty, high-capacity water separation and fuel filtration, the Racor Filters is the system of choice.

Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums and varnishes, Aquabloc filters out tiny particles of dirt and algae from diesel fuel.

With an Aquabloc replacement filter, you get a complete kit with all the seals you need. And not just any seals, but specially-formulated, Racor-engineered seals.


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